Amazon Quiz Answers, 19th February

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Q1.: Bhaichung Bhutia is the current captain of the Indian football team.

Answer: False

Q2.: What is the name of the world’s largest species of spider, in terms of mass and size?

Answer: Goliath Birdeater

Q3.: The Ao language is spoken in which of the following States?

Answer: Nagaland

Q4.: The tune of Stevie Wonder’s hit song, ‘I just called to say I love you’, was adapted for the title track of which Bollywood film?

Answer: Maine Pyar Kiya

Q5.: Jakarta is the capital of which country?

Answer: Indonesia

After answering all 5 questions correctly, you will get a Congratulations message that you have been entered into a lucky draw. Now keep your fingers crossed and wait for the results to be announced.


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