Amazon Quiz Answers, 20th February
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Q1) If your birthday falls between March to April, and your sun sign is depicted by a Ram, what’s your zodiac sign?
Ans – Aries
Q2) If you are colorblind, you may not be able to see the true color of the gemstone emerald. What color is it?
Ans – Green
Q3) ‘Square watermelons’ are watermelons grown into the shape of a cube, first developed in Japan. However, these are only ornamental and not edible.
Ans – True
Q4) The Borlaug Award was instituted to honor Indian scientists for their research and contributions in the field of ________. Fill in the blanks.
Ans – Agriculture
Q5) Royal, azure and prussian are shades of which color?
Ans – Blue
After answering all 5 questions correctly, you will get a Congratulations message that you have been entered into a lucky draw. Now keep your fingers crossed and wait for the results to be announced.


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