PUBG Mobile has just added a new Snow Walker Set to the game which is part of the Twilight Hunt crates. This new set has a black mask with a golden snow goggles. The set also has a white hoodie and matching bottoms. This is part of the Twilight Hunt crates which also has attractive white, orange and black highlighted weapon skins. Like most other crates there’s only a chance for users to get the parts of this. The popular battle royale game has recently announced that it will bring a big 0.18.0 update on May 7.

PUBG Mobile Introduces New Snow Walker Set in Twilight Hunt Crates 1
PUBG Mobile has added a new set to Twilight Hunt crate

This Snow Walker joins the recently launched Arctic Explorer set that was added to the Lucky Spin section of the game. This come after the developers recently added the Dark-Ops Agent, Aurora Pulse M16A4 and The Wasteland Survivor to the game. These are all part of different methods of obtaining these items in the game. These include crates as well as the lucky spin section of the game

It is part of the Twilight Hunt crate, and can be purchased for UC 60. UC (Unknown Cash) is a form of credit or game currency that you can use to purchase premium items from the PUBG shop. UC can be purchased by the player, and currently UC 60 is equal to Rs. 79. To open the crate ten times a player has to pay UC 540. The Snow Walker Headger needs to be purchased separately. The game has many crates with many outfit options and weapon skins to choose from.


While this is a small addition, PUBG Mobile is expected to bring a new Miramar 2.0 map with the upcoming 0.18.0 update on May 7. This new map will include a new racing ramp, an area called Water City, a new Golden Mirado vehicle, and vending machines that are expected to offer painkillers and energy drinks. The update will also bring new features like the new Safety Scramble Mode and a Jungle Adventure Guide. The beta of this update suggests that there will be a new blue zone inside the playable safe space which players have to avoid. Entering this blue space will cause damage. A similar feature has been available in the PC game, and now it will be part of the mobile game as well.



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