Amazon Quiz Answers, 18th February:-2019

IMG 20190218 082719
Q1) Which is the smallest state in India?
Ans – Goa
Q2) If you write a letter to ‘HOH OHO, Canada’ – whose postal code would you be writing to?
Ans – Santa Clause
Q3) Which of these is NOT a fire-element sign from the Zodiac?
Ans – Aquarius
Q4) MS Dhoni has never scored a century in any match outside Asia.
Ans – True

Q5) Photoshop, Premiere Pro and Illustrator are programs belonging to which software company?
Ans – Adobe Inc.
After answering all 5 questions correctly, you will get a Congratulations message that you have been entered into a lucky draw. Now keep your fingers crossed and wait for the results to be announced.


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